Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Home once again

Well Whitby Goth Weekend was very different for us this year. I'm sure I've mentioned that there is usually a group of 12 of us that make the trip to the festival twice a year and that between trading all day and partying all night for 4 days we're beyond tired when we get back and need a week off to recover.

This time was the total opposite. There were only 4 of us made it to the festival as all our friends decided to save their pennies for the Halloween event instead; me and my husband and my sister and her husband, who were also trading Bride and Gloom, so for a start we were in a cute 4 person cottage rather than a 12 person mansion.

We did our thing through the days. Met loads of Goths in fantastic attire and pimped our wares to all who would stop and look. After trading all day we were able to leisurely wander back to the cottage via a pub (to rest our weary feet) and sit and relax a bit before thinking about getting some food. We could chose a restaurant at ease, take time over our meal and then see what the evening held for us... which in truth was a series of chilled nights - a few beers in comfort.

This is a major contrast to our usual whirlwind of covering the stall, running back to the cottage, throwing some food down our necks while trying to glam up and then racing out to get to the venue and catch up with our mates. This then leads to a second wind and staying up will 3 or 4 am. Not a good start for a second or third day of work.

So while we have enjoyed ourselves we have also managed to recharge the batteries and I can now start thinking about the wholesale orders I have to meet and the tattoo festival I am trading at in Hull at the end of May and it doesn't feel like an uphill struggle.

On a different note, while we were in Whitby an interview I did with Fresh peaches was published. Please take time to have a look: Sock Horror Interview

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