Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hello New Year and Welcome to Tattoo Freeze

You lot ran me ragged in November and December, so much so that I developed perpetual pins and needles in my index finger from repetitive and prolonged use of the tools of the Sock Horror trade.

The repercussions of this have been extreme and much needed… a total standstill. You may have thought that Sock Horror had fallen off the face of the Earth, and as far as my activities online were concerned that was right. I was busy rejoiced in the quietude of the holiday season.

With that little episode out of the way I have cast aside the slippers and cocoa and have returned to my natural state; a fanatical hyperactive dervish of a hunter.

We started 2010 with a bang by attending Tattoo Freeze… and what an event!

We were a little bit worried that the elements would work against us and force you all to stay wrapped up warm indoors but an astonishing 6000 of you made it!

We were busy; busy answering your questions of what happens to odd socks; busy training you to defend your family from socks theft; busy discussing the intricacies of various traps and hunting grounds.

We were too busy to take time to check out the amazing tattooists; the closest we got was gazing at the fresh ink encapsulated in cling film as it stopped at our stall. Too busy to cheer on the roller derby tournaments, settling ourselves instead with watching the girls glide by between games en route to somewhere else. Too busy to walk round and take in the graffiti, art exhibitions, other stalls and custom car and bike show... you just have to look at our shop to see how empty we are!

We did manage to be impressed by the skate boarders and BMX riders though, as our stall was right next to the half pipe! All I can say is that next time we’re going to bring helpers… there’ll be more of us to help you, and more of the creatures to capture your imagination. That way we’ll have a fighting chance to get a drink when we need one and take a breath to enjoy the convention.

So, with Tattoo Freeze over and unbelievably empty shelves I'd better get back to the grind stone and work on regaining those pins and needles!