Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Fayre

Friday already? It doesn't seem like two minutes since I emptied my mind onto the keyboard but somehow it's been over a week.

Last weekend we were at the Christmas Fayre at Fleming Square in Blackburn. Surprisingly the weather held out, which was my one concern after the week we'd just had of snow, which turn to ice overnight and got covered in more snow the following day. Luckily by Friday the worst of it had cleared and we were left with beautiful blue skies interspersed with fits of warm sunshine.

The Christmas buzz was starting to grow in me by this point, something I had been struggling to summon up as I prepared my Christmas stock, but there is something about wraping up warm on a crisp day like that, seeing kids with face paint babbling about the conversation they'd just had with Father Christmas with my hands folded round a glass of mulled wine that somehow brought me into the spirit. So much so that I was inspired to get my Christmas present off my husband...there and then. While I was gone the market had some unexpected visitors; Carol Thatcher and Jack Straw. I'm kinda sad I missed them as I would have loved to see their faces when they reached my stall and worked out what they were looking would have been priceless.

However I'm not too sad as I now have a fantastic new Christmas gift...what is it?...well, I rushed off to go get myself a little black star microdermal implant on my temple - just at the end of my eyeliner flick. I so wish I had a photo to show you...I will post one soon.

As for the rest, I will be at the Christmas Fayre again tomorrow. I will also be on Radio Lancashire first thing in the morning spreading the word of Sock Horror to all those that are up and listening to the radio at that ungodly hour of the morning!

So I'd better run and get my arse in gear for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Dearest Sock Horror aficionados

I am delighted to inform you that the latest trappings of Horrors and Fluff have been added to our website.

Unfortunately the pickings are few...I fear the doldrites are cottoning on to our hunting techniques and avoiding our regular haunts. As a consequence we have an excersion planned for later in the week to travel further a field and explore new territory. Hopefully our new district will provide us with an abundance of the blighters.

Till then...stay safe and beware your socks!

Madame Horror