Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Whitby Goth Weekend!

That's right; we're on our way to the Whitby Goth Weekend tomorrow; and I have a feeling it's going to be a blast.

I'm so ready for a holiday. I'm looking forward to the drive over the Yorkshire moors and the moment your eyes first alight on Whitby Abbey in the Distance. I love spotting my first Goth of the weekend and gradually seeing the swathes of black descending on the sleepy shipping village. I'm looking forward to seeing Specimen and Christian Death, Voltaire and the Rezurex, but more than anything I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with my long time mates reminiscing about the old days and the first WGW we came to.

I am also really excited about the Sock Horror stall that is taking place in the Leisure Centre on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We have gone all out this year, bringing more of the roadshow and the critter cage!

We also have loads of new creatures for you to gawp at and all new designs including; Hunting Trophes, Caged Horrors and the much awaited and seriously hot off the press 'Sockmosis; Survival of the Fittest' (the second collection of essays from the Sockmosis series).

I look forward to seeing many of you there...don't be afraid to say hi!

Stay safe

Madame Horror

Sunday, 26 October 2008


A few short days seperate us from the pilgrimage to Whitby...and don't I know it!

I have buried myself in Horror stuffings, body bag parts and toe tag assembly and so far it appears all I've managed to do is melt my sewing machine. I could have you believe that my sewing machine has liquefied through over use and resulted in ultimate melt down; but in reality my halogen lamp was too close (you could say that it was actually touching it) and scorched the plastic casing.

Well at least it FEELS like I've done enough sewing to cause my sewing machine to melt. I've definitely put it through it's paces recently.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Here at the Sock Horror Headquarters we have been perfecting the art of sock taxidermy over several years. We pride ourselves on our ability to inbibe our creatures with life and restore them to their former glory.

Ocasionally the creatures we hunt or find do not remain unscathed; usually as a results of their confinement or capture method. This means that we are not always able to reinstate them as they would be found in nature.

Fortunately, after perfecting the technique, we area ble to offer these creatures mounted on wall plaques as hunting trophies reminiscent of the deer heads you might find in hunting lodges and old country pubs.

The first is available through Etsy and the Specialist cetegory of our website, and more will be added shortly.

I would welcome your thoughts on out new venture.

Madame Horror

Thursday, 9 October 2008

October is my December and Halloween my New Year

October is my favourite month, and although it sounds stereotypical of me, a Goth that loves Halloween, I can't help that child-like feeling when all the goodies start appearing in the shops and everything is available in black and orange.

I find myself drawn to the eerie bits of plastic and skull decorated accessories like a moth to a flame and am unable to exercise control over what gets piled in my shopping basket... I've been eating chocolate eyeballs all week!

For me this is the holiday season. The first of October marks the beginnings of the rituals and first flurry of activity. My most beloved annual occasions are all squeezed into this month; the ever expanding Halloween Ball and the obligatory Whitby Goth Festival.

...and I'm starting to feel the customary strain and urgency of getting ready for everything laced with the excitement and eagerness to make it better than last year.

It's just 3 weeks to Whitby and the Sock Horror road show, and a frightening 2 weeks until the Halloween Ball and I have so much to do; my head is filled with ideas and I've so many lists of jobs to complete that I don't know what to tackle first.