Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My gingerbread distraction

I love blogging, but I am easily distracted.

I turn up here, perhaps not every day, but more often than not, with the intention of pouring some of the thoughts cluttering up my head out onto my keyboard. I may even have an idea of what I want to rave about, but once I’ve logged in I am presented with the entries of the blogs I am following… so I read a few, mull them over, follow their links, understand their motivations. I may also notice an interesting link or follower on their page and click through the entries, one after the next. This might sound like a dedicated approach, but in reality it’s quite frenzied, flitting from one page to the next and probably missing loads of interesting stuff.

In some ways I feel like Gretel (Hansel must have wandered off on his own) drifting off into the woods and finding a house made of gingerbread; where I just have to stay and sample the confectionary. I learn loads; see all kinds of interesting items and articles, meet some inspirational people and definitely find ways to frivol away the pennies. The sad thing is that I never manage to follow the breadcrumbs back to the beginning to write what I came here to write.

So I guess, that makes every one of you that catches my attention and reveals a part of yourself, a treat/trap from the wicked witch. But don’t worry; I have no intention of burning you in the oven… I love your candies too much.

Well, here is today's gingerbread; The Gate Ring but Idle Hands Designs

And here is my offering: Harlie the Seeker