Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I wasn't able to do it...

but I did try; to gorge myself on chocolate till I was sick!

But as I wasn't successful in this task (better luck next time) I threw myself into my second assignment and this time I succeeded. It was teh introduction of Sock Horror into Japonica, a brilliant florist come gift shop in Fleming Square, Blackburn.

Sock Horrors new reside alongside unusual and exotic bouquets and inspiring artworks from other local craftsmen and women in a quirky boutique on a historic street close the Blackburn Cathedral.

I have spent quite a while perusing the wares in Japonica, purchased a few gifts (which will probably never make it to their intended recipient) and still seem only to have seen probably half of the items offered. I warn you, be prepared to lose yourself in there.

At Japonica, like all Sock Horror venues, you may also order fully customised creatures.

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