Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tattoos, Tantrums and Tinkers


Sunday saw us at the first annual Hull Ink tattoo convention. Having never taken Sock Horror to such an event before (though I have been an enthusiast at such events over the years) I was a little apprehensive; will people get it? Or will I be met with a lot of blank expressions and confused mutterings? I'm like this with each new venue type I take them too.

On the whole though, I am glad to say, that Sock Horror was greeted with the scary excitement and enthusiasm it invokes at other events. We were inundated with questions and musings and saw the light bulb moment for several people... yes these are the critters that steal your socks! In fact I was extracting more ridicule for my corset with it's bullet hole and my 5" stack boots than with the motley crew of maleficient doldrites ranked behind me.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the rest of the event, but I did hear some great bands and I did see some awesome ink work being done on the day. It definitely woke the desire in me for some new ink and got the juices flowing with ideas.


Because we enjoyed the day so much I looked into participating at other tattoo events as soon as I got home. There are some huge tattoo events that take place up and down the country, and I thought this would be the best of both worlds... to go to some conventions slightly further a field that I wouldn't usually get to and to take the Horrors to a new audience.

Well, it ended in a tantrum (not pretty I know) becasue we're either away, hubby can't book the time off work, clashes with another event we're already going to, is too close to organise for or is already booked up. In short, I'm too late to do tattoo conventions this year! but you can bet I'm going to be first in the queue with my booking form for next years events.

Which brings me to Tinkers

With out major events out of the way and our newest stockists supplied (this constitutes a blog of it's own) I can now put my attention into our online affairs. I spent my bank holiday Monday updating our website and listing all out current creatures.

Etsy is being updated through the coming week, and I plan to catch up with my friends on MySpace and in the Etsy Dark Side Team. It's been too long!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I used to spend hours playing space invaders... who didn't?

I used to get beside myself with excitement as the lines of aliens advanced on me... ME... and I frantically tried to shoot them down. I was hopeless; too gripped by fear to be any good, but I did love the rush and anxiety I got. I've never been able to play computer games since.

But these, these are amazing: space invaders soap set from Digital Soaps on Etsy

I'm lost for words. I really don't know what to say; other than I can now beat the space invaders into submission!

They're ace! Well done Digital Soaps.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wired eyes

I'm tired today.

For the last 2 days my eyes have been heavy; glazed over and drifting into daydreams easily... a sure sign that I should get more sleep. I feel like I need a pick-me-up but in reality I probably need a good nights rest.

Funny then that I should come across these catnip eyeballs on Etsy by hannaPt.

They are so alive and awake that I am jealous of their vitality, and the fact that they are laced with catnip is so ironic to how I feel right now.

I'm going to get some for my cat, Moebe, but she better watch out or I'll claim them for my own...catnip is suddenly appealing!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I've seen you looking!

I know that from time to time you browse the walls of the Sock Horror Mausoleum to gawp at the creatures we have on display there.

I know that you check in on MySpace or other social account and find that nothing much is going on there.

I assure you that that is not because I can't be bothered... rather that I stretch myself too thin.

You may have noticed that I do not present very many new creatures to you. This is down to your passion. Rarely do i get chance to catalogue ans list a new creature before it is re-housed, hence the scarce trapping on our website and Etsy stores.

In truth I have a collection of over 60 creatures currently staring down at me ready for the tattoo convention we are going to on Sunday, and I promise that the first thing I will do on my return is upload all the Horrors and Warding charms for you to see.

Similarly I will try hard to check in on all the profiles we have online... and we have a lot. This means that instead of reaching loads of new people, we are in fact ignoring the majority. MySpace for instance is a great site, but this year I have done little more that answer direct questions. I shamefully haven't said hello to any of our new friends.

It's not good enough!

So, I will be concentrating my efforts on a few select sites. You will find me on the following:

Website MySpace Twitter Blogspot Etsy

I will also keep an eye on Zazzle and Lulu though I will not hang out there, and I hope that this means I have more time to dedicate to the Etsy Dark Side Team that I love.

If you are friends through one of our other sites, please don't worry, we won't be closing our accounts but you will be directed to one of the above.

So, I hope to meet you soon online,


Madame Horror

Saturday, 9 May 2009

May madness

It was so hard to drag my lazy bones out of bed this morning, but I did it… for you. No, that’s a lie. I had to get up at an ungodly hour to take my hubby to work as his bike is in bits in the garage. It seems to be in pieces more than it is whole… he just loves to tinker.

It was good I was up so early as I had a list of jobs to do in town; parcels to take to the post office, cheques to take to the bank and several other errands to run. My last stop is Chilli Lime deli where I have a coffee with my mate and pick up my organic veg box. It was crazy today though. Every time we stood by the door to get some sun/ air another customer came in. No rest for the wicked. But then all hell broke loose as the salon at the end had a burst pipe and water was gushing everywhere. Taff being the gent that he is ran to their aid leaving me to look after his shop. Now I like food, but my knowledge is limited when it comes to helping others work out what they will like. Which of these oils are better for dipping? Rape seed or olive oil, lemon or walnut? Which passata is best for use with Borlotti beans? I just hope I haven’t given any bad advice and turned some of his customers away. I had fun though. It was good to see that everyone is in chaos and it’s not just me.

So the chaotic run up to Whitby, the whirlwind festival and the frantic restock of our vendors has been managed and we can now turn our attention to the next series of events.

Our good friends at Chilli Lime Deli are once again hosting their ‘Chilli cook-off’ heats, the first of which is on the 16th May. Come down to Fleming square in Blackburn and for a small donation to charity taste the participants’ entries and vote for your favourite chilli. There will be other entertainment as well as the Sock Horror road show.

Also this month we have Hull Ink on the 24th of May. This promises to be an excellent event with 34 tattoo artists from the UK and Europe, tattoo competitions, bands and of course the market where you will find us nestled among your favourite stalls.

So, I’d better get my arse in gear. I have Horror skins to stuff and body bags to make.