Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Starhouse - new stockists of Sock Horror

Starhouse is a fantastic new store owned by the creators of Starhouse Clothing in the heart of York. This unique shop is the newest store to offer Sock Horrors.

Julie and Kelly, the owners, have expanded their Starhouse clothing name by opening up this brilliant store in this historic Viking town. They’ve only been open in York a matter of weeks but are already building on their experience in Hull and have established themselves among the alternative scene.

Kelly and Julie’s first incarnation of Starhouse clothing opening in Hull in 2004 providing the city with affordable alternative clothing catering for all the different faces of the alternative market. They strive to be different from other Goth/alternative stores by constantly searching out new suppliers and smaller companies that will give them a lot of exclusives and one-offs. In addition to the usual brands they also customise a lot of their own clothes for sale in their shop. Amongst their wares you’ll find a collection of malicious Sock Horrors, Fluff Creatures and copies of our Sockmosis survival manuals. You can also commission a custom Sock Horror through them.

If you live near York, or just fancy a day out, I recommend you pay a visit to Starhouse. You’ll find them on Stonegate, one of the old streets that lead to the Minster.

I love wandering the cobbled shambles of the old town with the narrow twisting streets and the buildings that jut out to almost meet over the heads of shoppers.

There is just so much history seeping out of every crevice. York also has some of the most stupid laws that have just not been rescinded since ancient times:

You can legally shoot a Scotsman who is within the city walls, so long as you are stood on the city walls, you are using a bow and arrow and it is a Sunday… and even then you are only allowed to kill one per Sunday!


On Whip-ma-whop-ma gate (the shortest street (15m) with the longest name) you can legally flog your wife for being drunk… though of course this doesn’t happen any more.
Just thinking about the city makes me want to go back there.

In fact, as soon as I’ve posted this blog I’m going to plan a trip.

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