Saturday, 10 January 2009

Secret Santa

Some of you may be aware that Sock Horror was born Christmas 2006 in a bid to come up with novel Secret Santa gifts for my friends. Well the deal has come full circle. This year, the Secret Santa I recieved from one of my friends was a Sock Horror Trap!

It's truly amazing; the amount of thought and research that has gone in to this contraption is impressive. The mechanism, which is fully functional, is devised from a standard mouse trap and a fangled coat hanger that holds up the trap door until the spring has sprung. And it si lethal; I have caught myself with it several times while playing with it!

It is baited with a seemingly harmless mix of loose wool and discarded sleepers... and there is a solitary key to entice even the most wary doldrites into it's confines. My friend has definitely done his homework; even to the point of ensuring that a marauding doldrite would be able to fit into the apparatus with ease.

I think you can say I'm well chuffed, and that this is the prototype of traps to come!

But it doesn't end there... another gift from the same friends was the following bronze plaque:

Don't ask me how they found such a truly apt plate but I'm glad they did. Cheers guys!

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