Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I've seen you looking!

I know that from time to time you browse the walls of the Sock Horror Mausoleum to gawp at the creatures we have on display there.

I know that you check in on MySpace or other social account and find that nothing much is going on there.

I assure you that that is not because I can't be bothered... rather that I stretch myself too thin.

You may have noticed that I do not present very many new creatures to you. This is down to your passion. Rarely do i get chance to catalogue ans list a new creature before it is re-housed, hence the scarce trapping on our website and Etsy stores.

In truth I have a collection of over 60 creatures currently staring down at me ready for the tattoo convention we are going to on Sunday, and I promise that the first thing I will do on my return is upload all the Horrors and Warding charms for you to see.

Similarly I will try hard to check in on all the profiles we have online... and we have a lot. This means that instead of reaching loads of new people, we are in fact ignoring the majority. MySpace for instance is a great site, but this year I have done little more that answer direct questions. I shamefully haven't said hello to any of our new friends.

It's not good enough!

So, I will be concentrating my efforts on a few select sites. You will find me on the following:

Website MySpace Twitter Blogspot Etsy

I will also keep an eye on Zazzle and Lulu though I will not hang out there, and I hope that this means I have more time to dedicate to the Etsy Dark Side Team that I love.

If you are friends through one of our other sites, please don't worry, we won't be closing our accounts but you will be directed to one of the above.

So, I hope to meet you soon online,


Madame Horror

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