Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Whitby Goth Weekend!

That's right; we're on our way to the Whitby Goth Weekend tomorrow; and I have a feeling it's going to be a blast.

I'm so ready for a holiday. I'm looking forward to the drive over the Yorkshire moors and the moment your eyes first alight on Whitby Abbey in the Distance. I love spotting my first Goth of the weekend and gradually seeing the swathes of black descending on the sleepy shipping village. I'm looking forward to seeing Specimen and Christian Death, Voltaire and the Rezurex, but more than anything I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with my long time mates reminiscing about the old days and the first WGW we came to.

I am also really excited about the Sock Horror stall that is taking place in the Leisure Centre on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We have gone all out this year, bringing more of the roadshow and the critter cage!

We also have loads of new creatures for you to gawp at and all new designs including; Hunting Trophes, Caged Horrors and the much awaited and seriously hot off the press 'Sockmosis; Survival of the Fittest' (the second collection of essays from the Sockmosis series).

I look forward to seeing many of you there...don't be afraid to say hi!

Stay safe

Madame Horror

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