Thursday, 9 October 2008

October is my December and Halloween my New Year

October is my favourite month, and although it sounds stereotypical of me, a Goth that loves Halloween, I can't help that child-like feeling when all the goodies start appearing in the shops and everything is available in black and orange.

I find myself drawn to the eerie bits of plastic and skull decorated accessories like a moth to a flame and am unable to exercise control over what gets piled in my shopping basket... I've been eating chocolate eyeballs all week!

For me this is the holiday season. The first of October marks the beginnings of the rituals and first flurry of activity. My most beloved annual occasions are all squeezed into this month; the ever expanding Halloween Ball and the obligatory Whitby Goth Festival.

...and I'm starting to feel the customary strain and urgency of getting ready for everything laced with the excitement and eagerness to make it better than last year.

It's just 3 weeks to Whitby and the Sock Horror road show, and a frightening 2 weeks until the Halloween Ball and I have so much to do; my head is filled with ideas and I've so many lists of jobs to complete that I don't know what to tackle first.

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