Friday, 28 November 2008

Leave my toasty toe toppers be!

I regularly give myself a rap over the knuckles regarding my approach to bloging. It is something I enjoy but struggle to find the time to complete. When I do find a few moments to compose an entry it turns into a list of notices that is slightly out of date and therefore probably of little note to most people. They are also generally quite lengthy and cumbersome to read.

So, I am setting some new priorities. Today I am going to jot down everything worthy of note at the minute…this may take some time as there are many topics for me to get off my chest, and then I will be free to make lighter entries of worth, hopefully on a more regular basis.

The followers amongst you will know that Halloween saw us at the Whitby Goth Festival. Whilst there, we held a raffle for one of our caged Sock Horrors. The lucky winner was Grant, pictured below with his prize ‘Hilomili’.

The 15th of November was the Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival, organised as part of the 11th annual Leeds International Film Festival. Sock Horror was one of the exhibitors to be found at the event which was held in Savilles’ Hall opposite the Royal Armouries.

The Thought Bubble team organised an excellent event with record numbers of people queuing to get in and meet their favourite comic book artists. There were many exhibitors, signings and presentations throughout the day, and it was great to see so many of you turn up there. We had a great time, met some real characters and were exposed to some great new comics and artists.

An artist of note for me was Dan Barrit of Ragadabah Art with his zombie ridden vistas of Leeds. His attention to detail is immense and well worth a look if you know Leeds at all as you can easily pinpoint the landmarks and buildings that are overrun by plagues of zombies and the chaos that ensues.

On a different note, I am pleased to be able to say that we have just 2 copies left from our first print run of our latest book Sockmosis; Survival of the Fittest. We have been in procession of these copies for just 4 weeks and we have already had to place another order. It is heartening to know that our message is getting out and the threat we face at the hands/feet/horns/digits of these creatures is no longer getting swept under the carpet. The next shipment should be with us shortly… and definitely in plenty of time for you to receive your copy before Christmas!

If you have not already ordered your copy of the Sockmosis survival manual you can do so here:

When worlds Collide

Survival of the Fittest

Alongside the delivery of books, we’re expecting to get our hands on another parcel any day now. This is something new that we’ve never done before, but after several requests and much investigation we have decided to branch out a little. I won’t say just yet, other than I’m excited to see the results and even more so to see your reactions!

We have also been feverishly busy restocking our outlets as people have already started their Christmas shopping, so you can find a fresh consignment of Horrors at a store near you. Just checkout our links page to find out where you can get your hands on Sock Horror.

As a consequence of all this activity you will find that our website (and other online stores) is decidedly low on trappings. I am currently surrounded by Sock Horror skins and the Fluff creature components, and am busy putting the finishing touches on many a creature with the plan to have the website updated with new stock over the weekend. If you can’t wait that long please remember that I do take commissions…at no extra charge. Just message me with your requests and I’ll be quick to get back to you to discuss the possibilities.

If all this activity isn’t enough for you, you will find us busily preparing for the Christmas fairs that we are attending, hosted by Chilli Lime Deli in Fleming Square, Blackburn.

The fairs will be held every Saturday in December and we have a pitch booked at all 3 events. There are going to be a variety of stalls and something for everyone; plenty to take your fancy and inspire you for Christmas, live music, mulled wine and a selection of hearty food to fill your belly in the icy weather.

OK, I think I’ve kept you for long enough. Thanks for reading to the end; I hope I didn’t ramble on too much. As a treat for sticking with me I’d like to furnish everyone that places an order before Christmas with a free gift. All you have to do is put the quote ‘Leave my toasty toe toppers be!’ in the comments section of your Paypal invoice and I’ll do the rest!

Stay safe…and chant to the doldrites – Leave my toasty toe toppers be!

Madame Horror


Rachel said...

Your bloggies just crack me up lady. I've just read the whole lot since the last one I commented on. May I say you have a lovely way of writing that is very charming and quite witty! I've been chuckling to myself the whole time. I even feel compelled to place an order with the toasty to topper quote just to find out what the free giftie is! but... I just gonna go rooting through the sockie morgue next time i'm at your house. muahahahaha...

Madame Horror said...

Why thank you my sweet...but you know the rules - no visitors in the sock morgue, unless of course you are adding to the trappings!