Friday, 18 April 2008

Horrors flaunt brands as scars

I'm so excited by this that I stayed up way past the witching hour several nights in a row to complete the task of branding the Horrors, but we have got there and I'm as pleased as a pig in muck with the results.

After many many moons of hand making colour coordinated neck tags that bear our trade name for each and every Horror we now have custom made swing labels that just look the dogs' bollocks and carry many of the emblems you would associate with Sock Horror. These include our characteristic 'Sock Horror' font, our prized seeker logo and of course a small smattering of blood.

What more could a girl wish for?

Well, these swing labels are more than just an identifier of origin; they are tomes (in the smallest sense of the word) of information - each one helping to describe the world of The Doldrums and the factions in effect there. There are in fact three different versions to collect; focusing on Doldrites, Icons and Gores in turn. No longer should you be bamboozled by the terminology in the descriptions of the Horrors; no more will you have to wonder about their origin and desires.

'Hooray!' I hear you cry.

And it doesn't stop there………with the advent of these ingenious labels there has been a re-mastering of the autopsy toe tags. Where before the simplicity of the toe tag was its virtue and merely stated the creatures' name, the new Autopsy Toe Tag now contains much of the information found in my personal journal as determined in my preliminary examination upon capture of the cretins (all of which is lovingly hand written) and informs you (the collector) of their breed, which faction they belong to, which island and region of The Doldrums they came from and when and where they were found or caught.

In addendum to these original features there are other characteristics that will easily identify a creature as part of the Sock Horror domain;

* The tush tags denoting our web address can only be found on our originals

*The unique eyes with their bold colours and distinctive cross emblem are exclusive to Sock Horror

*And of course where else will you find your favourite creature preserved in a specially made zip up body bag?....well only Sock Horror of course

Why not visit our website and see for yourself the Horrors that flaunt these brands as scars:

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