Thursday, 27 March 2008


Whether you know it or not you are a target. I would put my life on it that you have already been a victim…….many times over!!! Just think back; how many odd socks do you possess? Where do you suppose they have gone? Your mistake, like mine for many years, is to assume they are wedged under the bed or lurking under the wardrobe to be found at a later date.

In truth they have been stolen and whisked away to the land of the Doldrums. The architects of these crimes lurk where your back is turned, creep where you are not looking and frequently make the journey into your homes, into your bedrooms and to where you sleep to complete their endeavors.

I have come to call them SOCK HORRORS as they are evolved from socks, of that I am sure, but they ARE truly horrific.

Up until now, I have shared my findings with very few. However, I do have a small band of loyal acolytes, all of whom assist in the hunt and capture of further specimens.

My closest companion in this quest is Professor I. Doodlemonkie – a specialist in lore and fable, who is now my official diarist and scribe. I teased this hermit out of his early retirement by simply presenting him with my findings to date; then, he was instantly converted to the cause, working furiously (an, from that initial day forward, mostly barefoot) to distill our discoveries into one tome.

Together, we have made a pact to discover everything about these fascinating – but very deadly – creatures, and present our case to the world.

Together we can prevent their reaching legion.


Madame Horror

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